Stanley Takwana tongai



The dream has always been to tell stories without saying a word. 

When i first sat down to write this it took me a while to figure out what I should say. I could go on about how much I love to photograph people and how much photography means to me. All the things you want to hear from me before you hire me. . I would much rather tell you how much I have still yet to learn. How much I am still to discover, even after ten years. Truth is, everyday has been extremely challenging. You never stop learning. You never stop growing. With new equipment falling out of the sky every week, it's no wonder people choose this as a hobby. It's too much too keep up and stay sane. However, the silent voices of photographers in that nebulous of confusion spend our days nurturing the details, perfecting the approach, and mastering the experience. As important as our fancy equipment is, it's really not. It is more so being prepared for the time that we are going to spend together. With you. Ensuring that you as a client, future friend, enjoy every bit of the journey with me. We have passed the point of being strangers, so allow me to let you leave with not just pictures, but memories.