Stanley Takwana tongai


Kat & Gabe : "So Genuine, and So Sublime."

Got a lot at stake, and a promise to make. And a kiss from your lips could seal it.
— Everlast

I met Kat and Gabe through another one of my favorite couples, Magali and Josh. They had a wonderful time at Josh and Magali's wedding and I knew their big day would be just as fun. Over time leading up to their wedding we have managed to craft a wonderful friendship. I truly appreciate you both and your families. I felt so welcomed and among friends with all of your crazy guests. Throughout the whole day I was trying to compose one particular moment that would always remind me of the day. There were plenty. However, the alone time and brief moments I spent with each of you individually brought a lot of joy to me and reminded me why I love doing what I do. You are both an inspiration and have with no doubt left some huge footprints in my heart. The House of Blues was a pure delight and those dark ambient rooms had a brighter glow because of the two of you. We did it.  I'll see you soon :)

Stanley Tongai