Stanley Takwana tongai


Susanna & Matt : "Every Little Thing"
You and Me together
Through the days and nights
I dont worry ‘cause
Everything’s gonna be alright
— A. Keys

ATGI_Susanna & Matt Wedding_717A7758.jpg

  I met Matt roughly five years ago and we have been great friends since then. I've always enjoyed his company and his creative nature in all things life. When he told me about Susanna I was beyond happy that he found the woman that he always dreamed about. She is the sweetest person ever! When we began our journey together I enjoyed all the time we spent putting together your big day. My favorite thing about the two of you is how well you play off of each other. That, in many ways is a photographer's dream. This was my third visit to San Antonio and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Your families were so kind and helped with the flow of the day. Thank you All.  

Even though it was a short day, we will always have these  moments to remember a wonderful coming together. I chose to start with the image above because it was the moment when I felt Matt and Sus became one during the ceremony. Her smile took center stage and hearing Matt's voice shaking while saying his vows brought everything around full circle. For me, it was magical. Perfect. Love you both. 

Stanley Tongai