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Rikki & Kendall : Summer Of My Love

Mainly, I love that I never question his love and how he always makes an effort to show me he loves and cares about me.
— Rikki
ATGI_Rikki  Kendall_2S8A2401.jpg

My heart is full. I cannot think of of better way to have started my wedding season. After coming across the sweetest email in my inbox from Rikki and Kendall about photographing their wedding at Chapel Creek Ranch, I could not resist. I fell even more in love with them when we met over dinner. I continue to be blown away at how the most amazing people find me and I get to share their stories with them. I particularly felt honored to do this wedding because it was the first ever major wedding at Chapel Creek Ranch. An incredible brand new venue in the Denton, Texas area. I have no doubt this place is going to be one of the best in the state very soon. Courtney and the rest of the venue staff are wonderful people. I wish you all a prosperous journey. You deserve it.  To all the family members, who were so kind and let me invade their private space, Thank You All. When all the nerves we had about the weather and having to switch from outside to inside if it rained were cleared, the day was perfect. Kendall, your heart spilled all over and seeing your kindness and how willing you were to help everyone get organized, on your big day, was a lesson in love. Rikki, your spirit throughout the day, matched with your sweet smile and joy was the highlight of this entire reel of photographs. The above photograph captured all of that for me. A simple thank you will never be enough.  I look forward to seeing you grow older together and do life together. Love y'all! 

Stanley Tongai